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2013 ARTWINE, Ruby Brut Aged 36 Months

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Proceeds Support Workers and Families in Ukraine

Artwine 36 Ruby Brut is a blend of cabernet sauvignon (65%), merlot (24%), and saperavi (11%) grapes from the 2013 harvest at Artwinery’s own Crimean vineyards. When Russians invaded Crimea in 2014, they occupied these vineyards. Artwinery’s legal efforts against Russia to retain rights over their land failed.

To commemorate and celebrate Artwinery’s trading relationship with Saperavi USA in 2021, Artwinery sent its last 1,200 bottles of Artwine 36 Ruby Brut to America. Its unique taste won the hearts of wine aficionados, and Portland Wine Week featured Artwine 36 Ruby Brut paired with local oysters.

The remaining 500 bottles in the U.S. are the last of their kind in the world.