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2014 SOLOKING, White Brut Aged 72 Months

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Proceeds Support Workers and Families in Ukraine

Crimean Collection – Last of Their Kind in the World

SOLOKING is made in part from Crimean grapes from the 2013 harvest. When Russians invaded Crimea in 2014, they turned these vineyards into a battlefield and annihilated them.

Artwinery’s winemakers decided to create a flagship sparkling wine out of the remaining grapes to commemorate the loss of their historical Crimean vineyards and the Ukrainians who fought for it. A blend of chardonnay (35%), riesling (30%), aligoté (20%), pinot blanc (15%), SOLOKING has been aged for 72 months and sings with notes of white fruits and flowering trees. Its taste is exceptional.

During the 2022 invasion, Artwinery’s remaining SOLOKING bottles were destroyed by Russian shelling along with the factories that made the bottles and the boxes.

The 250 bottles and boxes in the U.S. are the last of their kind in the world.

SOLOKING is available in standard .750 l and magnum 1.5 l sizes.