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2018 ARTWINE, White Brut Aged 18 Months

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Proceeds Support Workers and Families in Ukraine

Artwine 18 White Brut is a blend of chardonnay (44%), riesling (36%) and aligoté (20%) aged in the bottle no less than 18 months. Having lost their Crimean vineyards to the 2014 Russian invasion, Artwinery sourced these grapes from the Odesa, Kherson and Mykolayiv regions.  

Light-bodied and fruity, evolving aromas of green apple and a touch of gooseberry with a vibrant acidity and delicate hints of flowering acacia and light berries. The finish is crisp and clean. Its versatility as an aperitif, ideal with fish and seafood dishes, and light salads caused it to sell out on American shelves.

More bottles are coming soon.